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WireCo Worldgroup Sedalia Missouri

New Led Lighting Employee Testimonials

Mike - "The new Led lights make it so much safer because you can see in much better detail. It makes for a much better and safer working environment."

Eugene - "Everything is much brighter and more defined. The new lights allow us to see better which, I believe makes our plant much safer. No more strain on my eyes."

Mitchell - "It was so darn dark in here you strained to see everything. No doubt it is much safer to work in here now."

Angel - Day Supervisor: "The new Led lights look great, with T5 Florescent tubes it was like a cave in here. It was much more dangerous.


Your led lights are like daylight. They reduce the strain on our eyes to be able to see clearly.


I believe they will help greatly to improve our safety. Great job."

Harold - "It was literally like a dungeon in here, now it feels so much better working in here and, feels so much safer now as we can see so much better."

Kristy and Cindy - "Since you installed the new led lights we can see small wires and parts so much easier and it makes our jobs much safer.


We don’t get as bored or tired, it seems just like natural daylight and keeps us awake."

Victor - "The new Led lighting is really amazing. It makes working in here feel so much better. I can also see great without straining my eyes.


More importantly it makes me feel so much safer."

Scott - "The Led lighting is a night and day difference, Its so easy to see the labels on the pallets. Now we love to work. Its easy to see everything going on around you in our factory now.


So common sense tells me it is now a much safer place to work."

Paul - "Unbelievable difference, creates a much more pleasant work environment and the visual detail is amazing!


Which, in my own opinion makes our plant a much safer place to work."

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