LED - The Common Sense Solution

USSLT LED products are a more Eco-friendly alternative to incandescent, compact fluorescent, metal halide, HID or other large, medium, and small base lamps. USSLT LED lamps are designed to offer more light output while reducing energy consumption significantly. USSLT LED multi-purpose lamps require no warm up time, are instanat on and off, are extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a very long life expectancy compared to present light bulb technology.


USSLT LED high power fixtures are available in a variety of color temperatures, sizes and wattage's and outperform all retrofit lamps on the market to date.


USSLT manufactures innovative LED lighting and HD Sound System solutions for Professional Stadiums, Arenas and Convention Centers to smaller Youth Sports Facilities and Community Venues. USSLT eliminates the guesswork and time consuming research of choosing the right LED Lighting System for your specific applications. We bring more than 40 years of experience in designing Lighting and Sound systems. All of our customers, large or small, receive the same high quality products and service – no exceptions.


Using LED light sources not only significantly lowers lighting energy costs, but also, from an environmental aspect, eliminates many Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions from our earth's atmosphere.


One of our main priorities is to decrease spill over light while reducing eye piercing glare. USSLT's proven business system incorporates LED lighting, structural, and electrical components that allow us to provide guaranteed performance and trouble-free installation direct to our customers at very reasonable prices compared to all competitors.


USSLT Business Model

USSLT is fully accountability for the entire project

IIndustry Business Model

The Industry model has indeterminate accountability,

fostering finger-pointing amongst the participants.

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