All LED Lighting Is Not Created Equal

Our LED lighting solution can reduce energy expenses by as much as 70-90%

We provide a single point of contact from project start to completion and manage all your locations nationally


You have the option to use your CAPEX or our Light Share and Care Program

Our Light Share and Care service program covers

products, parts & service for the term you choose

Our USSLT warranty of 12 years is the longest in the industry

Innovative & Custom Solutions


Superior Products


USSLT LED lighting products are manufactured and designed using leading edge technology, are fully tested and DLC certified with all qualifications needed for utility rebates.


Solution Focused


USSLT develops customized LED lighting solutions for virtually any need, including daylight harvesting, security, proximity marketing and more.


No Middle Man


USSLT is a direct source you can rely on for timely installation of our LED lighting solution with minimal disruption to your business




USSLT provides the latest monitoring and customer centric loT and AoT technologies which are continually evolving, giving your business additional tools to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Step One: Develop Custom Lighting Plan

  • USSLT conducts an on-site LED Energy Usage Design & Engineering Study.


  • USSLT provides a detailed proposal to include:
  • Customized LED lighting recommendation
  • Projected energy savings
  • Customer usage fee
  • Positive cash flow for the customer

Step Two: Implement the Solution

  • USSLT and Customer agree to custom LED lighting solution


  • USSLT manufactures, installs and services our LED products at a cost far less than your utility reduction.


  • USSLT schedules installations for minimal to no disruption to your locations

Step Three: Start Saving Now

  • Your 1st utility bill after installation will provide you with reductions presented in our estimate.


  • After the initial lease term, your monthly fee is reduced by more than 50% for the remainder of the Light Share and Care Program

Find Out How Light Share and Care ™ Can Help Your Business – Contact Us and Experience Our Full Service Offering

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