LED Products

USSLT offers lighting solutions for a wide range of lighting categories for most applications. Our engineers work with you to create energy-efficient solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our customized lighting systems will provide the highest quality of light while substantially reducing your facility’s lighting energy bill.

Our Product Line Provides Solutions For All Applications

A Small sample of our product line.

Please feel free to call for specifications and LED system pricing.

USSLT HP LED System™ – Complete System Application

USSLT provides complete lighting systems from design, engineering, and installation that delivers unparalleled illumination and control that will reduce your lighting energy costs

by 70% - 90%.


We also assist you with the time-consuming headache of receiving rebates.

USSLT HP LED Sport™ – Retrofit Application

USSLT systems always provide a realistic cost effective solution for existing poles,

specialty-uses, and roof-mounted structures.

USSLT ZB Long Range™ LED Lighting Control System
USSLT ZB Long Range is a extremely reliable, cost-effective control system for our LED installations.


Use our controller or our app on your smartphone to control up to 600 different LED lights from  400 feet away.

USSLT LED High and Low Bay Fixtures


USSLT LED fixtures are the best choice for entire facilities from professional stadiums, arenas, warehouses, gymnasiums, big-box retail stores, and certain industrial applications that need ample illumination and high-quality lighting. USSLT fixture technology benefits you with texcellent color rendering and ultra-high efficiency technology.


USSLT Hi-bay lighting refers to a fixture installed at a ceiling height greater than 25 feet. Low-Bay refers to LED Lighting fixtures used for 24ft and below. USSLT LED Lighting can often deliver more than 100,000 hours of lamp life in addition to the primary boost in efficiency and energy savings.


USSLT LED lighting fixtures deliver added value in year-over-year energy savings of 70% to 90% which produces a substantial ROI. The result is a visual environment built to provide a higher level of human productivity, security, and safety that is delivered at a lower cost of ownership.


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