The Big Reason

Why USSLT LED Lighting Makes Sense For You

Return on Investment


For USSLT products, the return on investment is approximately 24 months or less.  This does not take into account the rate of return on your investment when you consider the 12 years that our products are covered under warranty.


Rate of Return


Over a 12 year period, the annualized rate of return is 20 percent or more per year without even considering rebates or other incentive programs that may also reduce the cost of implementation.


This can also be viewed in realized percentage gains -- money that goes straight to your bottom line -- ranging from 400 to 600 percent over the warranty period.


Now, when you consider that at 15 hours and day, every day, the life expectancy is 18.26 years, this yields a realized gain of 900 to 1200 percent.


The numbers don’t lie.


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